L.A.M.B. – Love Angel Music Baby.

Many of you L.A.M.B. fans out there love L.A.M.B. You’re loyal to the brand, are a huge fan of Gwen Stefani, her style, what she’s wearing at the moment, and look forward to her clothes season after season. I am one of you. I’ve always been a fan of Gwen, No Doubt, etc. And I’ve always admired her sense of style. So when her line of clothing came out, I was super excited. Unfortunately, my wallet didn’t agree. I definitely could not afford those prices. $65 for a shirt??? Fortunately there was ebay, sales, and the random lucky finds at the rack. Since the brand started in 2003, I’ve acquired a lot of LAMB. I’ve somehow brain washed myself into thinking a t-shirt on sale for $40 is a steal. Perhaps this is because I started getting into designers and designer clothing, started making slightly more money to be able to afford previously mentioned designer clothes, and just became more and more obsessed with L.A.M.B. I look at L.A.M.B. clothes online at least once a day. It’s a very strange and addictive obsession. Sometimes I’ll objectively look at a LAMB item and think, “If this wasn’t LAMB, would I pay xyz dollars for it?” sadly, that answer is usually “No”, but regardless, my obsession for LAMB continues.

There’s also a story behind LAMB. In the first season of her clothing line, there’s a shirt called “Story of LAMB” and it basically has the entire story about Gwen and how she had this adorable little dog that she was nicknamed “lamb”.

“They moved to Hollywood together into a big house and had everything they wanted and continued to love each other deeply. And the little lamb followed the girl everywhere she went and the lamb was everything to the girl. Time passed and the lamb grew tired. She was an old stinky baby lamb. It was time for the lamb to go… and the lamb passed on. The girl was broken… broken till this day the girl still weeps inside for her lamb and misses her love and tippity taps on the floor. And she thinks to herself ‘Where did my lamb go?’ “

LAMB is not just another clothing line. It represents Gwen, her music, her style, her personality, her inner ska girl with a coutured-out diva appearance, and a little bit of old skool. That’s what I see in her brand. So it’s not just “another designer” and maybe that’s why that $65 shirt is worth it.

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