Global Wholesaler Of Bulk Used Clothing, Second Hand Clothes, Used Shoes, Used Toys, Used Household And Mixed Used Bags!

Used Clothes Bales Factory

HISSEN GLOBAL Clothing is a Company That Collects Chinese Second Hand Clothes,Used Shoes And Used Bags. We Resells Them in China And to Other Developing Countries.

Mixed Second Hand Clothing Maker

HISSEN GLOBAL sorts old clothing and exports overseas as well as distributing in China. Our 2nd hand clothing is collected from first tier cities.We export to many countries in Africa,Middle-east as well as Latin America.

As a wholesale used clothes supplier we only sell in 20 ft. or 40 ft. containers. By selling in large quantities we can offer you the best price! We do our utmost to satisfy our customers, so if you want to buy 2 containers or more, we can offer even better pricing. We suggest you to contact our sales to get a latest second hand wholesale price!

We do not provide samples because second-hand clothing is a non-standard product. The quality of the sample cannot intuitively reflect the actual quality. If you are worried about quality issues, we welcome you to visit our factory. Understanding the strength and output of suppliers is also an opportunity to seize the market. A good supply chain means more profits.


Fill out the form or call us at +86 1899-8343-152 to get the latest pricing!