second hand clothes in bales


HICHUAN was found in 2015 possessed deep pockets and the professional ability of technology and had formed many bale of second hand clothes production lines,second hand shoes production lines and the sorting line for second hand bags.

We are a exporter of wholesale second hand clothing for export including second hand clothes men,second hand clothes for women and children’s used clothing collected from first tier cities in China,such as Guangzhou,Shanghai,Beijing,etc.

Chinese Wholesale Used Sorted Clothing:

We will sorted used clothing bales in various type such as:

  • Summer second hand men’s clothing
  • Winter used man clothing
  • Used women clothing summer
  • Second hand women’s clothes winter
  • Children’s clothes used

Mixed Second Hand Clothing Wholesale:

The mixed used clothing is sorted of Grade A and Grade B.

  • Grade A: No stain, no torn, no pilling, no hole, no over-used, no fade.
  • Grade B: Slightly blemishes, such as discoloration, stains, etc.

If you want to get more information about our bales of second hand clothing, please send us an email to get fast response!