What Do Our Second Hand Shoes bales Contain?

When it comes to second-hand shopping, shoes are undoubtedly in huge demand in Africa. In fact, according to feedback from our client Esther, footwear is one of the best-selling used goods categories in Africa. Second hand clothes and second-hand bags are also hot sellers in Africa.

There are all types of used shoes on HICLOTHING second hand shoes bales, including used shoes for men, women and children. We also sort branded shoes in one item, such as Nike, Adidas etc.


We are a second hand shoes supplier. We sell second hand shoes at wholesale prices, so you can find the perfect shoe for your budget! The best part is that these shoes still have plenty of life left in them – they might even be better quality than new ones! Whether you’re looking for flats, heels, or running sneakers, we’ve got something for everyone.

The features of mixed second hand shoes bales are as follows:

  • Each pack includes 1 pair of branded sports shoes.
  • Men’s shoes in sizes larger than 39.
  • With good colour matching.
  • Diverse styles, fashionable, durable and comfortable to wear.

How many bales can fit in one container?

It’s a common question that is asked by people who are looking to buy second hand shoes bales.

To answer this question, you need to know how much space your bales take up. Bales are 73 cm x 60 cm x 32 cm and 25 kg per bale, so that would mean they could hold about 50 pairs of shoes each. That means that about 1000 bales would be able to fit into a 40ft container and about 500 bales can be fitted into a 20ft container !


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